How to be Treated Like a Queen by Your Man

How to be Treated Like a Queen by Your Man

My girlfriends often ask me to share my secret for being treated like a queen by my man. Here are my golden rules for success in my own relationships:

Make it clear from the very first date that you expect to be and are used to being treated extremely well. Also let him know that he can expect to be treated even better by you!

Your partner should be your best friend so share everything with him.

Be supportive, caring and non-judgmental through difficult times.

Let your man know that you are proud of him.

Encourage mutual activities but also develop separate interests so you will always have stimulating conversations.

Be generous to your man. Do not expect gifts from him and give little in return.

Give each other space.

Look and smell good for your man.

Be a vamp in the bedroom and a lady in public.

Share entertainment expenses – don’t always expect your man to pay.

Don’t try to change your man – love him -as is- or find a different partner.

Expect to be treated with respect – don’t settle for anything less.

Communication is vital to any relationship. Discuss relationship issues rationally and immediately over a glass of wine.

Keep romance alive by sharing a candlelit bubble bath or making love to candle light and soft music.

Surprise your partner with small gifts or cards just to show you care.

Rub your man’s feet after a trying day.

Hold hands in public but don’t embarrass your man with excessive public displays of affection.

Let your man know that you love and appreciate him.

Following this approach to my romantic relationships has led to a wonderful and fulfilling love life that is the envy of my friends.

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Joan Stalker is a graphic designer/web developer and eternal romantic whose website, For Lovers Only, ( is dedicated to providing romantic gift ideas to lovers.

Joan met her partner and soul mate through online dating, so she is motivated to help others find similar happiness.

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