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Theology of Work Project: Three very interesting passages provide orientation for these sometimes anguishing choices. However, they can be equally applied to business. A healthy sense of self is enhanced. Wealth creation leading to transformation is not new. Material objects, individual financial success, ambition, self, and power are worshipped more as a result.

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It is what can emerge when as a result of subjecting the material dimension to a larger vision one succeeds in creating a life that is rich and exciting in its aesthetic, intellectual, spiritual and social dimensions.

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Wealth Creation: Biblical Views & Perspectives – Välståndsskapande – En biblisk vision

The Bible makes a bold claim, namely, that wealth creation is rooted in God the creator. Again, this calls for discernment: He regarded the purpose of business as twofold: Therefore, if we are ever going to see long-term solutions to world poverty, I believe it will come through starting and maintaining productive, profitable businesses. The third is whether or not the excesses of capitalism can be mitigated by the implementation of shared-rewards. The elites of the day, including the senatorial order, the equestrian order, civic notables, wealthy landowners, and other wealthy people comprised only 1. If it does not yield enough for that person to live on, it violates the personhood of that individual as designed by God.

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