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Other drugs that may be used include cough medicines, certain pain medications, diazepam, hydromor-phone, morphine, and oxygen. To continue enjoying our content, please turn off your ad blocker. Radiation delivered to the chest can cause pulmonary compromise, which is most problematic for patients with lung cancer. Also, because the heart and lungs work so closely together, a complete pulmonary and cardiac evaluation is recommended. Some breathing disorders are noticeable without a stethoscope because they are characterized by marked distress or unnatural breathing patterns. Possible Causes "When determining the cause of dyspnea in the cancer setting, it is important to consider which cancer treatments the patient has undergone," Ms. The next step is the pulmonary assessment.

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Dyspnea Is a Common Symptom of Lung, Breast Cancer

It can be temporarily disabled by clicking the "shield" icon in the address bar. Dyspnea is typically treated with medications, such as albuterol, administered through a bronchial dilator. Steroids are the easiest to use and most effective drugs for relieving dyspnea, and have been used extensively in terminal patients and patients who have undergone radiotherapy, but there are long-term complications associated with this family of drugs. It is important to remember that dyspnea is a complex symptom and that in assessing this problem, the care team must take into consideration more than the physical symptoms, Ms. Also, because the heart and lungs work so closely together, a complete pulmonary and cardiac evaluation is recommended. Biologic response modifiers such as interleukin-2 can cause a shift in the pulmonary fluids, which can lead to dyspnea.

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