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Hence each terminal position is in P. And with an extra, also natural, assumption topic neutrality, or permutation invariancethis 'non-normal' interpretation is eliminated too. Truth and provability III: The seminar will start from the very beginning of Borel reducability and end up in a recent paper by Coskey and Kossak. Vi kommer att undersöka vad som händer med expanderbarhetsbegreppet när vi, förutom att uppfylla en teori, också undviker en typ. Should notions such as "proposition", "reference" and "possible worlds" be thrown out of formal semantics? There is a standard translation from trial and error logic to FOL which, in combination with a lemma on how to extract omega-sequences from "generalized trial and error models", will prove that the logic is compact and complete.

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I will end by presenting some fairly new results joint with Kontinen and Väänänen on the axiomatization of dependence logic with generalized quantifiers.

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2005 - 2013 Logic Seminars

Can we build psychologically plausible models of the inexactness of our perceptual knowledge. In this talk we will discuss certain strengthenings of Kripke's and Woodin's results, sketch a "optimal" uniform flexibility result, and consider some obstacles in proving this result. We show that the strength of such machines is the same as the strength of 'ordinary' infinite time Turing machines with real-oracles. Hazen that Jeroslow's concept of an experimental logic is a better model for a computational mind doing mathematics than an ordinary formal system would be. I will show its similarities and differences with respect to standard dynamic semantics, and then talk about my recent work with colleagues on empirical testing of certain aspects of the theory. First I give a short overview of the historical development of the ideas behind the meaning explanations.

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