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Thus, further knowledge of how to maintain levels of cognitive functioning in old age and how to identify factors that postpone the onset of dementia are of acute interest. In Study III the aim was to investigate the association between social network size and cognitive ability in a middle-aged 40—60 years sample. Results from longitudinal analyses showed that baseline network size was positively related to five-year changes in semantic memory and with changes in both semantic and episodic memory at the ten-year follow-up. To control for reverse causality and to identify potential long-term effects, we additionally performed analyses with delayed entry. Of these, 16 individuals were premature born and 14 individuals were full-term born. Further, a higher value on the relationships index sum of all variables was associated with reduced risk of all-cause dementia and AD. StatsvetenskapSpråk och litteratur.

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However, in neither Study I nor II did any of these factors alter the risk of all-cause dementia or Alzheimer's disease when near-onset dementias were removed from the analyses Study I, up to five years; Study II, up to three years.

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Slåss mot alla orättvisor. Katarina Taikon och föreställningen om barnets rättigheter runt 1968

The aim of this study was to investigate whether leisure activity is associated with incident dementia in an older sample. Direkt till fulltext på webbsida. Social network size was unrelated to changes in visuospatial performance. These results might reflect protective short-term effects or reverse causality, meaning that in the prodromal phase of dementia individuals tend to withdraw from activity. Future studies aimed at identifying other factors of a person's social life that may have the potential to postpone dementia should consider the effects of reverse causality.

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minor and adult relationships
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minor and adult relationships
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